YI membership hits record high of 2900

Membership of UKIP’s Youth Wing Young Independence has hit a record high of 2,906, a massive increase of 300 in a single month.

YI Chairman Jack Duffin said, “The growth of YI has been fantastic over the last nine months of this council. An increase of over 40% shows the great work being put in by members of YI at a grassroots level.

“I am looking forward to the next 6 months as the general election approaches, YI will no doubt play a key role as we win a cohort of seats in the House of Commons. But we can’t do it alone. If you can help out then please give our People’s Army page on our website a look in that contains all the upcoming action days. I strongly urge you to get involved. It goes to a good cause and it’s a lot of fun.

“We have seen more and more members getting involved within YI than ever before. We now have over 60 people taking hands on roles. If you would like to get more involved I would encourage you to contact your regional chairman or country chairman.

“I look forward to seeing lots of our members in Manchester next month for our Christmas Party.”


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