YI Membership Breaks 3,000

Nationwide Membership of Young Independence has started the new year with a bang, with membership breaking 3,000 for the first time. YI membership has increased 78% in the past ten months and now stands at 3,023.3000Members2

YI Chairman Jack Duffin is excited to see the continued steady growth: “The rise and rise of YI over the last 10 months has been fantastic. We have gone from 1,700 in March 2014 to 3,023 now. We are going up in the polls and have now overtaken the Lib Dems as the fourth party among students.”

The past year has seen YI make great strides with the YI annual conference in Birmingham last August attracting over 150 delegates, and a surge in UKIP Societies on campuses across the UK.

According to Deputy Chairman Thomas Hoof: “This shows that young people do support UKIP and this is dispelling the myths that the other parties would lead you to believe”

The news comes hours after The Tab announced a new Yousight poll showing that UKIP is now the fourth most popular party among students, overtaking the Lib Dems for the first time. With Joe Jenkins, Chairman of UKIP Students saying: “It’s clear that the UKIP policies of fairness regarding students and education is (sic) getting through. We want to see the return of social mobility and the scrapping of tuition fees for STEM subjects, this is resonating with students.”

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