UKIP Students: Looking Ahead To 2015

A new year and an opportunity to review and look back at the four months since the Young Independence National conference, where I announced the formation of UKIP Students, a group which would be the voice for the unheard UKIP supporters. We launched UKIP Students after the shameful display from the National Union of Students who openly opposed UKIP at Universities where they operate, and in turn discriminated against over two thousand young UKIP members in Education.
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When I outlined UKIP Students plan and my vision for the coming year, I gave a target and an assurance that we would achieve representation in 25 universities before the next conference and that we would see the UKIP student movement become a relevant and important part of the student political debate.

Well it’s now just over four months since the Young Independence national conference, and all I can say is the support, energy and determination of all members of Young Independence to make UKIP Students a force to be reckoned with has been nothing short of amazing.

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that after only 4 months we now have representation at over 25 universities up and down the country and we have just moved into 4th place overtaking the Liberal Democrats in popularity among students. I think this is something for us all to celebrate!

However the job is not finished, although we have representation and societies established, the real battle has been getting them ratified by NUS controlled Unions, and fighting the undemocratic bans on UKIP participation on campuses. We have a way to go to ensure that we beat them, and restore freedom of expression, speech and real democracy to campuses, but it is clear we are on the way.

So thank you everyone, it has been a pleasure so far, and lets really show them what UKIP Students can do in 2015.

Please check out our map showing every UKIP Society here

Joe Jenkins

Ukip Students Chairman.