UKIP Students Chairman to take on Nick Clegg

​Joe Jenkins, Chairman of UKIP Students has been selected as the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Hallam.


Joe Jenkins

Joe said, “I wanted to stand for Sheffield Hallam to expose the outright betrayal of students by the other political parties and especially Nick Clegg.​ I was a Lib Dem member but left the party due to the lies and betrayal from MPs like him.

“UKIP is the clear and only choice for students, it is offering real attainable goals for easing students financial burden. We will do this through the scrapping of tuition fees for STEM subjects, which shows our clear dedication to creating opportunities for young people, while working to fill the deficit in skilled workers.

​”Over recent years we have seen educational institutions restricted by a small narrow minded minority of students who dictate what papers are available and which political parties can be represented. This needs to stop, we need a free open educational system that does not discriminate against political expression.

“I want to galvanise the young people of Sheffield Hallam and show them that there is still hope and that political engagement will not result in lies and deceit.

“A vote for me and UKIP is a vote for the future.”

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