Young Independence launch Full Time Team

Today we are pleased to announce that a full time team of four staff have begun work for Young Independence to help grow our youth wing. The four people forming the team will be Dan Paddock, Brett Rickles, Ben Walker and Joe Jenkins.

YI Chairman Jack Duffin said, “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us as a youth wing and will allow us to build on the amazing growth we have seen in the last year. These are four incredibly determined individuals who have all contributed to YI on a voluntary basis in the last 12 month. They will complement the many people who already do so much as volunteers as well as creating more possibilities. I am truly grateful to the donor that has made this possible, his support will mean we can do things as a youth wing we could only dream about six months ago. We will be starting a new annual award on his behalf that will be given out at our annual YI Conference, to the hardest working voluntary member.”

Dan Paddock will be taking on the role of Grassroots Officer, responsible for building YI at a regional, county and branch level. Supporting everyone who is in a voluntary role and welcoming new members into the party.

Brett Rickles will be taking on the role of Campaigns Officer, he will be focusing on making sure we have an event and an action day every month on a national, regional and county level.

Ben Walker will be going full time into the role of Communication Officer, he will continue the amazing work he does building our online presence as well as improving on the communications YI has with its internal membership. We are in the process of launching a new YI online shop as well as a monthly magazine too.

Joe Jenkins will be going full time into his role of UKIP Students Officer. He will be continuing the fantastic work he has done since it launched in August of last year. We have a growing number of university societies, from once having single digits to now 27. We will also be focusing on building our presence in schools and colleges too.

We will also see Dan Jukes, OC and Hannah Connell leave their positions in Young Independence as the full time team will build on their roles and achievements. Jack Duffin said, “I am incredibly proud of what these three people have done for YI in the last 12 months.

“Dan was instrumental in sorting the coaches that helped many people get to the by-election in Clacton. I wish him all the best in supporting YI’s very own Tim Aker in becoming the next MP for Thurrock, any members who can spare a day I encourage you to visit and help out.

“Oliver has been a truly hidden talent in YI, his assistance to Ben Walker as Deputy Communications Officer has meant that the YI social media has remained the most engaging of any youth wing on a near permanent basis. He will now be focusing his time on running Joe Jenkins’s campaign to rid the House of Commons of the true enemy of young people, Nick Clegg.

“Hannah provided great assistance in sorting our largest ever conference in Birmingham in August, I wish her all the best with her degree at Chester University.”

Thomas Hoof will be staying as YI Deputy Chairman until the role expires at the end of June. Jack said, “Hoof remains a key part of the YI team over the next few months while we bring in these essential changes and developments. As well as being one of my closest friends he is also one of the people that pushes me hardest in YI, he always makes sure every decision is double and triple checked. We might not always agree but what we have achieved together in the last 12 months has truly benefited the youth wing as well as the party for years to come.”

We are in the process of getting a phone line installed into the office, once this number is in use it will be added to the website for enquiries from 9am till 5pm during the week. The emails for the team though are:

Dan Paddock (Grassroots):
Brett Rickles (Campaigns):
Ben Walker (Communications):
Joe Jenkins (UKIP Students):

If you would like to get in contact with your YI Regional Chairman or County Chairman their details can be found under the ‘YI Team’ tab on the website.

We are pleased today to launch a document entitled ‘How YI Works?’, this is a framework that explains the minimum requirements of each role within YI. Due to the incredible growth we have seen as a youth wing over the last few years the structure has evolved but there has been no formalisation of what each role actually requires. This document has the life of a council and will be re-released after the first council meeting of each new council. We also have updated our YI Constitution and YI Voting Rules, these have been added to the YI website and will be viewable for all.