Campaign Diary: Castle Point

Last Saturday played host to a variety of YI action days across the country where young people had the opportunity to campaign for UKIP success on May 7th. I, joined by fellow YI, had the pleasure of being able to support Jamie Huntman in his attempts at winning the Castle Point seat.

Despite the ever-changing British weather (which for the large part was cold, wet and windy) we were able to send out four strong teams; two of which manned street stalls in the Canvey and Hadleigh areas whilst the other two went and canvassed housing estates.

The reception on the doorsteps and the street stalls was incredibly positive with UKIP themed bags in high demand and regular beeps from passing motorists indicating that the people of Castle Point want to see real change in their area. Whilst out on the street stalls we were also able to talk to many young voters who were keen to learn more about UKIP and the positive changes we can implement on the country – we even persuaded one young chap to not only join us but to also help us win Castle Point!

After a long day of campaigning the Castle Point team went to a local Indian restaurant for a well deserved drink (or two) and an impressive buffet. The overriding feeling from the day among fellow activists was that, if we continued our steadfast effort in Castle Point, we have the real potential to send shockwaves to the establishment and turn Castle Point purple.

Written by Dan Paddock