Campaign Diary: UKIP at Keele University

On Friday, myself, fellow activists from our branch and our parliamentary candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme, Phil Wood, attended the University of Keele to hold a UKIP stall during the day and participate in the cross party debate of the evening.

Having arrived at the event for the requested 10am start we were able to set up the stall in a prime location. Our prompt arrival indicated our willingness to engage with Keele students unlike the Tories who showed up 3 hours late and the Greens who turned up 6 hours late!

Throughout the day we were able to engage with a wide range of students who seemed genuinely interested to learn more about UKIP values and policy. Our stall generated the most interest among students due to its professional nature and the great range of free merchandise on offer – this included the ever-popular UKIP themed condoms!

Unfortunately, for democracy and other students, not all parties were there to play a fair game. The Labour stall distributed fake leaflets about UKIP policy stating that it’s our intention to privatise the NHS… desperate times call for desperate measures springs to mind!

Undeterred by Labour’s attempts at spreading lies about us, our candidate Phil Wood participated in the evening’s cross party debate and put in a commendable performance. Surprising to many students was just how close many of their values aligned with UKIP values on key issues such as freedom and democracy. We’ve got a long battle winning around the student body in majority numbers, but our fight is not in vain. YI membership numbers are forever swelling with more and more UKIP Uni Societies being established across Britain.

Written by Rob Tring