UKIP establish Cardiff University Society

10985661_879261495450889_1243110908343741333_nCardiff University Students’ Union has officially announced the creation of the UKIP Young Independence society. The society is the brainchild of Cardiff University student Ethan Wilkinson, who said in response to the announcement:

“I am delighted that the Students’ Union have approved the creation of the UKIP Young Independence society. Polling shows that UKIP’s message of hope and prosperity is well-received by under 30’s who want an alternative to the tired status-quo that has long dominated British politics, so it is right and fitting that across the UK students who support UKIP are taking the steps necessary to create UKIP societies within their universities.

When the Students’ Union told me that I would need 20 students to sign-up before the society could be ratified I must admit I was slightly nervous as I know that many politically-motivated students struggle to get the signatures. But my nerves were all for nothing, because on the day we were inundated with offers of support. So much so that we signed-up 1 student for every minute that we were there.

Speaking to students I felt that they were particularly enthusiastic about our commitment to abolish tuition fees for STEM subjects and our desire to ensure universities returned to admitting only those who meet rigorous academic standards, rather than being driven by arbitrary targets which have nothing to do with quality.”

Nathan Gill MEP, Leader of UKIP in Wales said “less than 12-months ago we came within 5000 votes of beating Labour in Wales at the European elections. Some said this was a blip. But the overwhelming support we are receiving out on the streets and on the doorsteps tells us this is not the case. Signing up 1 student a minute in Cardiff also tells us that we are growing in the areas which we need to win in order to top the polls at next year’s Assembly elections.”