Meet UKIP’s candidate for South East Cornwall: YI’er Bradley Monk

My name is Bradley Monk. I am the UKIP parliamentary candidate for South East Cornwall.

bradley-monkAged 20, I have just finished studying politics at the University of Winchester. This academic background, combined with my practical work experience as a chef, provide a much-needed contrast with the current professional politician.

I also believe that my ability to represent and engage the young – currently uninterested in politics and largely disenfranchised – could well encourage some of them to take a more active role in political affairs.

Another important issue to me is democracy: our political system simply isn’t working. Deep tribalism amongst Members of Parliament means that, rather than listening to and working for you, MP’s are merely puppets for their party whips. This has to change. I passionately believe in a system of real recall – not the kind proposed by the current government – that would allow voters to sack their MP should they go back on their promises. I also think we need more direct democracy; voters should be consulted and listened to on major issues that affect them.

A further area of great concern to me is taxation. We have a cost of taxation crisis: the average UK family spends more on taxation than it does on living costs. I believe that if you work hard, you should keep as much of the money you have earned as possible. It is yours to spend or save – not politicians to give away or squander on badly judged, inefficient, mismanaged government projects. Politicians are not morally superior human beings whose decisions are more virtuous than others. You, the voters, must have far more of your own money to spend as you see fit.

There are many more things I wish to do if elected: reduce the burden of regulation on small business, protect and enhance our freedoms, campaign vehemently to save our fishing industry, and fight for proper localism to name just a few. Let’s get some fresh faces and fresh ideas into Westminster. Let’s change politics for the better.