Campaign Diary: Momentum in Thanet

Last weekend played host to an incredibly successful YI action weekend in South Thanet where activists joined together in the campaign to get Nigel Farage into the Houses of Parliament!

905994_750641368388668_2286016534837434123_oYI members, both newcomers and experienced canvassers, travelled from far and wide to the sunny seaside town of Ramsgate. Some hailed from Wales, Yorkshire, Essex, London, Nottinghamshire, Somerset, everywhere. On the Saturday large teams of YI canvassers visited wards within the constituency, talked to voters on the streets and handed out many window posters and correx boards allowing people to proudly display their support for UKIP.

One of the wards that was extensively canvassed was for one of our own YI council candidates, Charlie Leys, who has a fantastic opportunity in being elected to Thanet District Council in the St. Peter’s ward.

Charlie, who is also the Kent organiser for Young Independence, said today that he’d “like to say a huge thank you to everyone that came down over the weekend, the work that you all did was incredible. I ran out of canvassing sheets, there were so many of you!”

During the latter stages of canvassing on Sunday afternoon the YI team were able to exclusively campaign with Nigel on the streets. To cap off a successful weekend Nigel thanked all those YI who came to help by taking the team to a local pub for a round of drinks. No doubt there will be many more drinks to come on May 7th when Thanet South turns purple!


Written by Dan Paddock
Photos by Brogan Kear