Meet UKIP’s candidate for Blackburn: YI’er Dayle Taylor

10991319_939954796023269_2089498179756653679_nI’m Dayle Taylor and I’m 21 years old.

At the age of 19, I joined UKIP after realising that the party was the only movement which raised concerns over the European Union. I had no idea that the EU held so much power and had an effect on everything from health to agriculture without a democratic mandate to do so. Not only this, but it is impossible to control immigration whilst Britain is a member of the European Union, which I believe has damaged prospects for young people looking for work, and has led to wage compression for a lot of people. I’m not anti-immigration, I want a policy which doesn’t discriminate against non-EU nationals, I want a policy which embraces talent from around the world, but puts UK citizens first.

Although EU and immigration is a big issue to me, I also believe that young people have had a rotten deal. At Sixth Form, EMA was slashed for the students like me, who didn’t have particularly wealthy parents to rely on, and at University my tuition fees surged. Parts of our National Health Service have been outsourced to private companies through PFI schemes which my generation will be paying back until we are 70 years old – is it any wonder young people feel so disillusioned with politics?

In December 2014, I was selected as UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for my hometown of Blackburn, a town which is part of one of the poorest councils in the UK. When I’m out on the doorsteps, it is clear that the people of Blackburn want change. People who have voted Labour for decades, and people who have never voted are all saying they are backing UKIP this time which I think is extraordinary. Whether it is our policy on controlling immigration, scrapping the bedroom tax, or increasing the personal allowance – UKIP is the party for ordinary people like me, and I’m proud to be a part of it.