Meet UKIP’s candidate for Gosport: YI’er Chris Wood

I have lived in our constituency for all of my life. I attended our local schools and Bay House Sixth Form College and am a Cardiff University graduate. For 7 years I worked in the Wardrooms of HMS Collingwood and HMS Sultan and then started Initial Officer Training at Britannia Royal Naval College to become a Warfare Officer (Submarines) however I decided that my head and heart lay in improving our local area.
11157954_10153259835686449_782895820_nAs I Hampshire County Councillor I represent one sixth of our constituency, a position to which I was elected with over 50% of the vote.

I believe the whole point of an MP is to listen to the views of the people they represent, interpret them as best they can and then work on their behalf. At present I don’t believe this happens to the extent that I feel it should.

My main priorities are to safeguard local government services, ensure that the most vulnerable are protected, restore our armed forces, secure proper government investment in our transport network, create real local jobs and control immigration. That last point is only achievable through my party’s aim to leave the EU.


I have pledged as part of this election campaign to secure the £30m funding required to build the Stubbington Bypass. I am the only candidate who has pledged to resign as an MP if this funding is not forthcoming in the next Parliament, if the others are so confident they will secure the money they should put their job on the line. As a County Councillor I have argued in favour of it in Committees and in the Council Chamber, it has been talked about for 40 years, now it is time we had it built.