Meet UKIP’s candidate for North Down: YI’er Jonny Lavery

Born in County Down, I am a University of Ulster Honours Graduate in Political Science.

After graduating, I continued my studies at Queen’s University Belfast studying Corporate Governance before deciding to pursue a career in Marketing and PR. After working for a busy PR firm for a period of time, I made the decision to pack in my job and set up on my own. I have been self employed since. I have been interested in politics for many years, but the parties of old have let ordinary people down. I joined UKIP and I am standing for UKIP because I believe it is the only party truly committed to real people-centred change, hard work, personal freedom and standing up for people from many different walks of life.

Politics here in Northern Ireland is almost is a mirror image of the problems on the mainland; it’s about benefiting those in the political bubble. UKIP offers something different, we are the true party of the union with representatives in every corner of the UK.

In this Westminster Election, the people of North Down have the chance to vote for a UKIP candidate for the first time ever and be part of a truly nationwide movement for change.