Meet UKIP’s candidate for Angus: YI’er Calum Walker

walker-1I was born and raised in Dundee and attended the city High School before going onto graduate from the University of Abertay with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies with Finance. I am now continuing my studies at the University of Dundee where I’m studying a masters in Finance. Although I am currently in full time education, I’m no stranger to hard work having previously been a part-time game keeper and worked for the family company.

The reason I have decided to stand for Angus is that I believe the people of this constituency have the right to a voice and deserved to be heard by government. For too long the livelihoods of ordinary people have been put at risk by the short sightedness of bureaucrats in Edinburgh, London, and of course, Brussels.

Red-tape has run rampant over Angus. One of the newest threats to the Angus farmer is the proposed radical land reform which could devastate investment in the sector. And of course there is the EU with its one size fits all style of governing, which has forced the Scottish fishing industry into near extinction.


It is because of this, and other reasons, that I look forward to seeing the 2nd Declaration of Arbroath, which will confirm the UK’s independence from the EU.

You see I have a great deal of passion for Angus and have had enough of politicians not listening. So if you want to shake up the political system, vote Calum Walker on May 7th.