Meet UKIP’s candidate for Batley & Spen, YI’er Aleks Lukic

I am delighted to be standing for UKIP in my home constituency of Batley and Spen. I was born and raised locally, and after university I came back to live and work locally as a secondary school teacher!

aleks-lukicI joined UKIP in the build up to the European and Local Elections last year. This was upon betrayals by the old parties and realising that only UKIP could satisfy my thirst for real change in Britain. At the time there was no branch in my area, and I had a 30 mile round trip to my closest meetings. In the Local Elections we only had one candidate standing in the twelve wards across our two constituencies, the other of which is Dewsbury. Even without a branch to support him, our candidate beat the Tories to come second!

Fortunately, following our European Election victory a number of like-minded individuals came together to form a branch. The lone candidate is now our Chairman, and we were inaugurated in Dewsbury Town Hall in December 2014. The race was then on to hold our hustings to select Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. I had thought ahead and completed the assessment process as I felt I had a lot to offer our area as MP. This led to my adoption as the PPC for Batley and Spen with a unanimous vote of support from my constituency members present.

I might be a fairly young candidate but I am not so young as to have avoided the nasty side of politics. While I was a student, I was brutally assaulted in a random and unprovoked attack which left me significantly injured. I was dismayed a few months later to discover this Government intended to get rid of criminal injuries compensation for people who had been through what I had. They were putting a ridiculous spin on their plans in the media.

I immediately contacted the BBC. On the very same day I went on Five Live to confront the Conservatives’ Justice Select Committee member Ben Gummer, and also had a live interview on the BBC News Channel. I do not hesitate to stand up for what is right and this is the main principle I live by. This Government managed to get these changes through without even so much as a vote in Parliament. Make no mistake, I fought this Government then and I stand ready to fight the next on behalf of all the people in Batley and Spen.

So not only do we now have PPCs in both constituencies, we have gone from one local ward candidate to seven! Everywhere I look I see where UKIP would make a real difference to lives and opportunities around here. I have been determined to take on every challenge in putting forward our positive vision for Britain. This has led to well-received appearances on a BBC Radio Leeds debate on the economy (listen here) and at a thoroughly enjoyable hustings which was described in the local press as ‘fiery.’ I am fortunate to have a dedicated team of supporters who I cannot thank enough for their help with our first campaign.

We are well on the road to a good result in these elections, and politics in our area will never be the same again. It all starts with joining UKIP, putting yourself out there and standing up for real change in our great country.