Meet UKIP’s candidate for the Cities of Westminster & London: YI’er Robert Stephenson

I live in Westminster and work as an Information Technology professional in the City of London. I am the Chairman and a founding member of the party’s Westminster and City branch. I have been a political activist and campaigner since I was teenager, first with the Conservatives but now with UKIP.

Born in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1986 I was, since becoming politically aware, deeply suspicious of the European project to submerge the nation states of the continent. In a state of despair at David Cameron’s lurch from the right to the centre I left for UKIP and have not looked back. I believe UKIP are the only serious party in the country; the only party that cares about the country and the people of this country. I am honoured to have been selected by the party as the candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster in the 2015 General Election.

I am campaigning because I sincerely believe that Britain needs UKIP. Britain needs us because we are the only main party that is serious about withdrawal from the European Union which is a prerequisite for national renewal. We are the only party that is serious about reducing the size of government, not simply how much it taxes and spends but how it pokes its nose into our personal lives too. We also seem to be the only party that doesn’t just pay lip service to the idea of maintaining borders and that the British people have a right to determine who can and who can’t enter the country. Furthermore we really are the only party getting it right on the crisis in living standards many people across the country are experiencing; from rising energy bills to wage compression caused by the influx of immigrant labour. In contrast I see a cartel of establishment parties composed of career politicians that do not care at all about the country or the British people but only about their own careers. I believe our party can make a real difference to Britain and because I am passionate about Britain I want to be a part of that difference.