Meet UKIP’s candidate for Newbury: YI’er Catherine Anderson

I live locally in Burghfield and work as a charity project manager. I studied Languages and Philosophy at university and my professional background is in business-to-business marketing for IT. In Vienna I worked for the City Board of Education on an English teaching project and I’m also a Trustee for a charity that helps blind orphans in India.

catherine-andersonI am an Ex-Tory and my agent is an Ex-Lib Dem. We believe the whole point of an MP is to listen to the views of the people they represent, interpret them as best they can and then work on their behalf. I have tried to do this by regularly meeting with residents, which has led me to discover your concerns – protecting the greenfields from overdevelopment, supporting local businesses, opposing TTIP and tax dodging, supporting farmers, mental health and cancer research.

I aim to support local businesses, protect greenfield sites from over development and listen to the needs of constituents. I am passionate about democracy and believe in EFTA, that we should do business with Europe but not be governed by the EU. I support grammar schools, making some university tuition fees free, scrapping inheritance tax and keeping the NHS free.

I am delighted to have received this nomination from UKIP, and will be working hard in the coming months to gain the support of the people of Newbury, and I am determined to represent the town and surrounding area. I am often to be seen campaigning in the town centres of Newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford, talking to constituents, and finding out the issues that concern them.