YI hails strong progress for UKIP in General Election

Young Independence has today hailed the strong progress many of its members and candidates have procured across Britain in last Thursday’s General Election. YI’ers have secured impressive vote shares in different parts of the country, from the rural coasts of Cornwall to the Lincolnshire towns of Boston and Skegness. UKIP and YI have made great headway in challenging the two old established parties, neither of which have gained a majority of the people’s backing since 1931.

In Boston and Skegness, YI’s Robin Hunter-Clarke won over one third of the vote, just ten points behind the incumbent Tories. In South East Cornwall, Bradley Monk took a respectable fifteen per cent, beating Labour and the Greens put together! In Gosport (Hampshire), Cllr Chris Wood surged sixteen points to second place, positioning himself as the main challenger to the Tories. In Yorkshire, Nathan Garbutt challenged Yvette Cooper and came second only to her in the Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford constituency with over twenty per cent of the vote! These above are only some of the successes YI’ers have secured this General Election.

Candidate UKIP % Region/Nation Constituency
Robin Hunter-Clarke 33.8% Eng Boston and Skegness
Tim Aker 31.7% Eng Thurrock
Nathan Garbutt 21.3% Eng Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford
Christopher Wood 19.4% Eng Gosport
Aleksandar Lukic 18.0% Eng Batley and Spen
John Tennant 17.8% Eng Gateshead
John Leathley 16.6% Eng Sedgefield
Peter Bush 15.8% Wal Aberavon
Luke Senior 15.7% Eng Leeds Central
Bradley Monk 15.2% Eng South East Cornwall
George Langley-Poole 14.6% Eng Staffordshire Moorlands
Dayle Taylor 14.3% Eng Blackburn
Jack Duffin 14.2% Eng Uxbridge and South Ruislip
Liam Clark 11.4% Eng City of Durham
Catherine Maria Anderson 10.8% Eng Newbury
Wayne Harling 10.2% Eng Birkenhead
Matthew Atkins 9.7% Eng Lancaster and Fleetwood
Harry Aldridge 8.8% Eng Guildford
Phil Eckersley 8.2% Eng Manchester, Gorton
Ethan Wilkinson 7.7% Wal Cardiff North
Jamie Ross McKenzie 7.6% Eng West Ham
Ben Roberts 7.3% Eng Kingston and Surbiton
Ian Macdonald 6.8% Eng Oxford East
Joseph Jenkins 6.4% Eng Sheffield, Hallam
Robert Stephenson 5.2% Eng Cities of London and Westminster
Jonathan Lavery 4.1% NI North Down
Nathan Somerville 3.1% Scot Livingston
Calum Walker 3.0% Scot Angus
Jack Neill 2.3% Scot Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
Kyle Thompson 2.2% NI Foyle
Scott Cairns 2.1% Scot Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
Oluf Marshall 2.0% Scot East Lothian
Emily Santos 2.0% Scot Gordon
OC 1.9% Scot Edinburgh East
Michael Burrows 1.6% Scot Inverclyde


10387073_903826996327672_1398082731497498724_oThe local elections also saw success for YI, in particular the election of our Deputy Chairman Thomas Hoof to St George’s Parish Council in Shropshire alongside Charlie Leys in Broadstairs, Kent.

Outgunned and outfunded, UKIP and YI offered the people a positive vision of a fair, free and independent United Kingdom. As such, four million Britons put a cross next to a UKIP candidate and we’re forever grateful for that.

To those who campaigned, who pounded the streets unceasingly and fought like lions for the values and causes we so pride, raise a glass to our successes, and pledge to yourself that you, too, will fight on.

The electoral system isn’t perfect, and we in UKIP support the campaign to change that, but this year’s general election has been UKIP’s best to date. We in YI are proud we played such an important role in charting the course of our anti-EU movement. Onwards and upwards!