Today nominations closed for the Regional Chairmen positions for the Young Independence National Council.

A total of fourteen applicants submitted their forms.

We have three elections taking place and nine candidates have been elected unopposed.

Dan Evans and Matt Pitts are to compete for the role of S0uth West Chairman, please read their statements here:

Dan Evans’s statement can be found here.

Matt Pitts’s statement can be found here.

Charlie Leys and Jamie Hollywood are to compete for the role of S0uth East Chairman, please read their statements here:

Charlie Leys’s statement can be found here.

Jamie Hollywood’s statement can be found here.

Lee Harris and Pete Martin will compete to become the next North East Chairman, please read their statements here:

Lee Harris’s statement can be found here.

Pete Martin’s statement can be found here.

Congratulations to the following regional candidates, who have all been elected unopposed:

East Midlands – Dave Poole
Eastern – Sarah Curtis
London – Jamie McKenzie
NI – Warren Swan
Scotland – Calum Walker
Wales – Liam Vernon
West Midlands – Thomas Hoof
North West – Darren Meacher
Yorkshire & the Humber – Michael Barge

Campaigning for the Regional elections listed above has now begun the timetable for voting is below, details on how to vote will be released via email closer to the time.

Friday 12th Midday – Voting Opens
Sunday 14st Midnight – Voting Closes
Monday 15th Midday – Results Announced


Those that have assented Dan Evans:

Aaron Foot

Demetrius Ferguson


Those that have assented Matt Pitts:

George Pykov

Jack Walker


Those that have assented Charlie Leys:

Joshua Hughes

Harry Allen


Those that have assented Jamie Hollywood:

Laura Lewis

Will Saunders


Those that have assented Lee Harris:

John Leathley

Nick Sundin


Those that have assented Pete Martin:

Mitchell Goldie

Darren Leckey