UKIP Students congratulates those receiving A-level results


On behalf of UKIP Students I would like to congratulate you if you’ve just received your A-Level results. They’ve been two years in the making, and whether they were exactly what you needed, exceeded your expectations, or weren’t quite what you hoped for, you deserve huge praise for devoting two years of effort to them.

If you did particularly well, you may be planning on moving up to university in September, to hone your academic skills and improve your career chances. University is a great place to meet many like-minded (and not so like-minded!) people, and it’s an experience that will broaden your intellectual horizons by confronting you with a huge array of differing viewpoints and ideas to consider.

In UKIP, we think it’s vital that our ideas are among those that students are exposed to – we could have an EU referendum within a year, and so it’s never been more important for us to have a voice at universities. Without a strong UKIP Students presence, how can we be certain that students have heard the many arguments in favour of British future outside the EU?

The truth is that we can’t, and this is why we rely on UKIP students such as yourself to speak to your new flatmates, course-mates and even the barman at the Students’ Union, and tell them why you think that we can enjoy a brighter future by getting out of the EU, and into the world.

So, please send me an email at, to let me know where you’re going to university, (or even if you’re already at university!) I’ll link you up with other UKIP students where you will be studying. I can organise promotional materials, help with any issues you might have in relation to campus censorship, and offer the unconditional support of myself and UKIP Students in setting up a UKIP Society at your university, if there isn’t already one there. After a great year, we have thriving societies at excellent universities such as Exeter and Sussex, but we need your help to continue growing UKIP, and the case for a future outside the EU, at British universities.

Good luck with your future,

Sarah Curtis (UKIP Students Chairman)

Sarah Curtis with Suzanne Evans

Sarah Curtis with Suzanne Evans