The split is happening already: Young Labour Endorse Yvette Cooper

Today, BBC 5 live held an interview style panel with leading figures within each of the political parties youth movements, interestingly and most likely a demonstration of the state of their party; Liberal Democrats were unable to muster a representative.

Discussion points surrounded young people’s lack of engagement with politics, their future aspirations, votes at 16 and as if we had slipped back into the 1920’s the topic of female only carriages on trains.

Joe Jenkins, Young Independence National Chairman commented:  “Once again we see a typical panel of young aspiring politicians who daren’t be any different.  They are the exact reason why young people are not involved in politics because they stick to a script and regurgitate the same party lines from the same old boring politicians who are turning young people off from politics. Young Independence offers a fun and inspiring outlet to young people who just have no desire to become one of the old establishment.”

The surprise came when the young labour representative Andrea Campos openly endorsed Yvette Cooper for leader of the party. This may come as a surprise when many young labour voters are hoping for a Corbyn victory, something our very own Joe Jenkins supports (not because of his political views we may add, but because he offers a “credible difference for the Labour Party”). This isn’t the first time Andrea has used a platform to endorse Yvette, she did so also on channel 4 news.


Nathan Garbutt, a fellow Young Independence member, vice-chairman of UKIP LGBT and chairman of Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford constituency UKIP branch stood against Yvette Cooper in the general election and had this to say:

“Having debated and spent election night in the company of Yvette Cooper it is clear she lacks the people skills and charisma to be an effective PM. She used her general election acceptance speech not to thank those who voted for her but to attack UKIP (we polled second place). Many of the Councillors in her own constituency are backing Corbyn, as are the neighbouring CLP branches of Hemsworth and Wakefield.”

It looks like we are already starting to see the split in the Labour party, when their Young Labour representative says their top polling leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn is “living in another world” and “not really in touch with what the Labour party needs right now.”
Watch the interview panel in full: