The House of Lords are “Constitutional Charlatans”

Tonight the House of Lords jumped the democratic shark, by voting to allow 16 and 17 year olds a vote in the upcoming EU Referendum. By doing so a house largely comprised of broken down, unelected and failed politicians had the chutzpah to decide on who should and should not be able to vote.

Chairman of Young Independence Joe Jenkins, said, “This is a clear display of arrogance from an unelected and undemocratic body. A House packed full of superannuated former politicians, with over 100 Liberal Democratic peers, and with clearly no mandate to make such decisions has decided that they need to load the electoral dice. Young people in Britain are no fools, but those below the age of 18, rarely have to pay taxes, but are subject to huge amounts of pro-EU propaganda in educational establishments.

“If the country wants 16 and 17 year olds to have the vote, this is something that would require a full national debate, and the forum for that is the elected House of Commons, not the Lords.

“The same people who want to give teenagers the vote, are the people who don’t think that teenagers can judge for themselves over whether they should drink or smoke, but think they should be trusted with the country’s future.

“Of course the pro-EU peers might be careful of what they wish for. The SNP tried this in the Scottish referendum, and the patronising attitude didn’t work there. The House of Lords is supposed to be the repository of the nation’s political wisdom, tonight they show themselves to be constitutional charlatans”.