Election Journal: Matthew Smith

My name’s Matthew Smith and I have stood for UKIP as a Council Candidate 3 times, I finally won in 2013 and was elected to Norfolk County Council. I have experienced lots of campaigns both local and national and genuinely believe you learn something new on each and every campaign you take part in.


Matthew Smith, UKIP Cllr & PPC

I genuinely believe that being as personable as possible with your electorate pays great dividends as people are fed up with the same cardboard cut out politicians. YI really helped my campaign and it was good to have both their financial support and help physically sending their Elections Officer, Laura Howard and Chairman, Rob Comley down for the day. I’ve no doubt that their help was invaluable in a close run competition with a strong Labour opponent who had been an MP for 13 years.

My experience at Norfolk County Council has shown me that no matter what your experience in life, nothing can fully prepare you for when you first start. Common sense , willingness to learn and enthusiasm are probably the most important attributes you should try to bring at council and of course the ability to listen to your electorate