Cllr Chris Wood Elected New UKIP Group Leader on Hampshire County Council.

26 year old & Young Independence National Co-ordinator Cllr Chris Wood has today been unveiled as the new UKIP Group Leader on Hampshire County Council, Cllr Wood said he was delighted to have been elected unanimously by the other 8 UKIP County Councillors as the Group Leader and said he was “incredibly proud to lead a superb bunch of hard working local representatives”.

Cllr Wood pledged that there would be a renewed focus on tackling waste, opposing punitive cuts to local services, demanding real investment in local infrastructure and fighting against the planned building of thousands of houses across the County.

On Devolution Cllr Wood stated that “we will support devolution, providing this isn’t a Trojan Horse to force tens of thousands more houses on the people of Hampshire, however everyone must recognise that devolution from Westminster is pointless if we remain a member of the EU as there is nothing we can do to stop the constant power grabs by Brussels”.

Outgoing Group Leader Cllr Chris Lagdon was thanked by Cllr Chris Wood, he stated “Chris Lagdon has worked very hard as the leader, and we all thank him for his efforts, he is a true gentleman”.

Cllr Wood becomes the youngest UKIP Group Leader in the country.

Cllr Wood was elected to Hampshire County Council in 2013 and Fareham Borough Council in 2014,