Ben & Jerry’s, don’t support Hope Not Hate

Ice Cream is great. It’s even better when it doesn’t mess around with its ingredients. Frozen yoghurt doesn’t hit the spot – the higher the fat content the better. We want ice-cream, not ice-milk or ice-soya. We want it as dairy-ridden as possible, with a Nigella-proportion fat content. As anyone with a propensity to comfort-eat when they are feeling sorry for themselves (like myself) will know the higher the sugar rush, the better. One doesn’t reach for a fruit-salad when one’s been dumped. Faddy healthy-alternative options flavoured with stevia can never cover the bitter after-taste of that supposed guilt-free substitute.

Unfortunately it’s not stevia or aspartame that’s leaving a bitter taste in my mouth in my rarer but still occasional bouts of glacial gluttony. I was shocked and disappointed to see that Ben & Jerry’s had teamed up with the far-left campaign group ‘Hope Not Hate’.

It is not only quite daft for an ice-cream manufacturer to team up with any-one on the left at a time when that portion of the political spectrum seem hell-bent on taxing treats in a state of nanny-state frenzy, Hope Not Hate has continuously proven itself to be doubtful in its supposed aim of tackling extremism. It’s cavalier approach to defining extremism has lead it to viciously target UKIP for representing members of the public with real concerns about mass-immigration.

More recently, The Jewish Chronicle, a long-term supporter of Hope Not Hate dropped its support for the organisation, claiming its recent offering is ‘not merely shoddy – it is dangerous’ . Its recent publication not only named and attacked those criticising aspects of Islam and Islamism, it also named practising Muslims seeking to name and address problems with radical-Islam. Given the current security threat, this quite simply placed a target on the heads of people who expressed genuine, if at times controversial, concerns.

Most worryingly, the organisation also named in that same list the Journalist Melanie Phillips for her robust defence of Israel. Whatever your views on Israel, no sensible person can define a Jewish woman’s defence of Israel as any more extreme than a Catholic’s defence of the Vatican. The paper concluded by saying ‘Hope Not Hate is now, it seems, engaged itself in the politics of hatred – by smear’.

Members of YI, particularly active ones, should also remember the disgusting smearing of a young candidate for supposedly making a Nazi-salute when he was pictured trying to grab a phone. That young man’s life was needlessly ruined.

Nonetheless, we as a party and youth-wing do believe in a free-market. We vote with our feet and our wallets. I must ask our members in YI and UKIP and other like-minded people therefore to switch to an alternative such as Haagen-Dazs, Movenpick, or some other deliciously and deservedly expensive product. Meanwhile, if your cravings for Cookie-Dough simply cannot be satisfied elsewhere, please sign the below petition in the hope Ben & Jerry’s will distance themselves from this awful organisation.

Sign the petition here

Jamie Ross McKenzie
Deputy Chairman – Young Independence