Establishment stitch-up: EU referendum leaflet

What happened to letting the people decide our future membership of the European Union?

David Cameron and his EU puppets are trying to sell our future down the river by wasting £9million on sending a pro-EU document to every household in the UK.  He is promoting this as the official governments position, nevertheless the government is split on the referendum.

The document claims they have secured a “special status”, and claim we will keep our border controls, and won’t have to join the Euro; however the European court could challenge it.  It isn’t clear that it would be legally binding, as there has been no treaty change, and the EU parliament haven’t even ratified it.

This is our future, and we want a fair referendum to allow the people to decide. Spending limits and purdah rules are in place for a reason, they are there to put the trust in the people, by giving them a balanced argument.

When we win this referendum, when we get a vote to leave the European Union, then they will have no argument to keep us in. At every turn they are trying to fix it, however one thing is for certain; voting to leave is the clear anti-establishment vote.

We are confident that young people will see through this latest spin and vote for a brighter future, a future free of European Union control.

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