Erasmus+ #ProjectFact

Firstly, the Erasmus+ scheme that allows students to study abroad does not require EU membership as evident by Macedonia and Turkey having access to this scheme. Furthermore, Australia and Canada are partners of the scheme despite not being in Europe. Secondly, the Horizon 2020 scheme, which is the way that research funding for Universities can be accessed, is available to countries like Iceland, who are outside of the EU.

We also do not need to be part of the EU to have access to the European Health Insurance Card that allows free or cheaper health treatment within the EU. As people in non-EU countries like Lichtenstein and Iceland have access to the card. Britain does not have to be a member of the EU to have access to the Eurotarriff scheme, as non-EU Norway and Switzerland are part of this initiative which lowers mobile phone roaming charges when travelling across Europe. Finally, the cost of living is not going to rise as the remain side argue, and will instead fall, because we will not have the tariffs imposed by the EU that are part of the common agricultural policy which make food imports more expensive.

The remain side have continually shown throughout this campaign that they are attempting to scare young people into voting to stay in the EU and today will just be another example of this tactic.

by Thomas Collins (UKIP Students Chairman)