YI Elections 2016

It comes to the time of year when YI Elections take place. Nominations closed for the position of YI Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer at midday today.
Fraser Walker was the only candidate to stand for the position of Treasurer. As such, he is elected unopposed to the position.
The position of Chairman and Deputy Chairman will be contested as there is more than one candidate. Daniel Evans and Jack Smith are running against Jamie Ross McKenzie and Edward Sumner for the positions of YI National Chairman and Deputy with polls set to open midday on Friday 15th.
Proposer: Fraser Walker, Seconder: Chris Vaughan, Assenters: Nick Sundin, Michael Wigram, Michael Barge, Mollie Banham, Ross Atkinson, Alexander Balkan, Lewis Green, Alexander Monk.
Proposer: Paul Morgan, Seconder: Helen Smith, Assenters: Daniel Paddock, Oscar Gomez, Amber Selby, Sarah Curtis, Liam Vernon, Calum Walker, Euan Carey, Jake Painter
Hustings will be announced in the coming days for these positions where you can quiz the candidates on their vision for Young Independence.
The position of Secretary will be contested as there is more than one candidate. Jack Duffin and Lewis Green will contest the position of Secretary with polls set to open midday on Friday 15th.
Proposer: Dan Paddock, Seconder: Llyr Powell, Assenters: Chris Vaughan, Anish Patel, Sarah Curtis, Matthew Torri, John Gill, Harry Mason, Liam Vernon, Fraser Walker.
Proposer: Dan Evans, Seconder: Dom Bardill, Assenters: Euan Carey, Edward Sumner, Thomas Hoof, Michael Wigram, Matthew Cassidy, Nick Sundin, Helen Smith, Matt Pitts.
Elections Timetable:
Campaigning Starts: 2:00pm on the 11th July
Voting Opens: Midday on the 15th July
Voting Closes: Midnight on the 17th July
Results Announced: 6:00pm on the 18th July
Voting will be conducted via Ballot Bin and you will be sent a link on how to vote in the coming days.
If your email is different to the one that you provided the party with then please contact me and I will get it sorted for you.
If you have any complaints about the election or the conduct of any of the candidates, then please do not hesitate to contact me as the returning officer atyi.universities@ukip.org

Once again I hope that this is a pleasant election and it was be conducted in an appropriate manner.

Kindest Regards,
Thomas Collins
Returning Officer