Congratulations from UKIP Students


On behalf of UKIP Students I would like to congratulate you if you’ve just received your A-Level results. You have worked really hard in the past few years and whatever grades you have achieved, you should feel amazingly proud of them.

For those going to University, it is an incredible opportunity to build on your previous studies and broaden your intellectual horizons by meeting with people who have different viewpoints to you. It is also a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people who share the same values and opinions as you.

As a political party, we helped to win a referendum on our membership of the European Union and then successfully beat the establishment to win it. UKIP now needs to hold the Conservative Party and Theresa May to account to ensure that Brexit means Brexit and we also need to take the fight to the Labour party, which has shown i

We need students who support UKIP, such as yourself, to speak to your flatmates,c ourse-mates and others on what UKIP can offer young people, whether it is removing tuition fees fro STEMM subjects or lowering the amount of tax people pay. We also need students who are willing to take the fight against the left wing student culture which is dominat across many Universities around the country. We also need people to stand up to the National Union of Students which no longer represents the people it claims to stand up for.

So, please send me an email at, to let me know where you’re going to university, (or even if you’re already at university!) I’ll link you up with other UKIP students where you will be studying. I can organise promotional materials, help with any issues you might have in relation to campus censorship, and offer the unconditional support of myself and UKIP Students in setting up a UKIP Society at your university, if there isn’t already one there. After a great year, we have thriving societies at excellent universities such as York and Exeter, but we need your help to continue growing UKIP at Universities across the country.