Would you like to get more involved in Young Independence?

Following the resignation of our previous secretary, nominations are opening for the position of YI Secretary
To apply, you will need 10 YI assentors (1 being a proposer and another being a seconder).

Send all of the above to me Jamie Ross McKenzie at chairman@youngindependence.org.uk by 6pm, Sunday 2nd April. Please do not campaign before the designated campaign time, or else your application may be voided.


What the role involves:

The role of the secretary is to ensure YI’s internal communications are strong.

YI National Council Meetings
Responsible for sorting the YI Agenda for the National Council and Executive Council meetings, collecting the reports from Council members and minuting the meeting.

YI Full Time Officers
Organises the selection process for future Full Time YI Staff with agreement from the Executive Council. The YI Chairman, YI Secretary, YI Treasurer, Party Chairman and a Regional Chairman (drawn at random) will make the selection panel before ratification from the National Council followed by the NEC.

YI Communications
To send out regular update emails and help with social media.