The Telford Abuse Scandal Must End Political Correctness, Or Young British Girls Will Never Be Safe

It is disgraceful that yet another town has been struck by the child abuse and grooming scandal that is plaguing communities across Britain. This time, it is Telford where up to 1,000 young girls have been abused or killed in what is being described as the ‘worst ever’ grooming scandal.

Worse yet is the fact that details of ‘Asian’ abusers were covered up to avoid “racism” in what must surely become the turning point of Britain’s political correctness.

Young Independence Chairman Nathan Ryding said: “I am disgusted and appalled by yesterday’s revelations on Asian abusers in Telford.

“The fact that up to 1000 girls, as young as 11, had either been abused, tortured or killed absolutely sickens me, but the point I’m more concerned about is that they failed to keep details of previous or suspected Asian abusers because they didn’t want to get seen as “racist”.

“That in itself is extremely dangerous as proven yesterday. These vile individuals were able to continue abusing young girls because nobody wanted to seem “racist”.

“This politically correct nonsense needs to stop immediately! It is endangering innocent people’s lives. These young girls have done nothing wrong, they just want to live their lives but they can’t feel safe in today’s society.

“There is a clear misunderstanding of the word racism, you cannot be racist to someone’s religion for starters, second of all, it isn’t racist to say “that Asian male is a known child abuser, let’s keep his details”; that is common sense.

“There are thousands of these cases up and down the country that nobody even realises, all because nobody wants to appear “racist”. Enough is enough; it’s time to start defending young British girls and it’s time to end political correctness.”

Adding to Nathan’s comments, YI Deputy Chairman Reece Coombes said: “Once again, we are witnessing political correctness lead to the abuse and death of British children.

“It is time that our politicians stood up and said what every British person knows to be true; we have a problem with Asian rape gangs in this country.

“We must now unite to fight against this great evil within our society; not as UKIP or as the right wing, but as the British people. For if we fail to do so, I fear these atrocities will never cease.

“We will take this scandal extremely seriously and we will pull no punches to stand up for our young girls who are being viciously abused and ignored in the name of ‘tolerance’.”