YI standing up for education at NUS

UKIP3YI Chairman, Jack Duffin today ran for NUS national president, “It was amazing to be able to stand up for the 80% of young people that want a return of grammar schools, those people in vocational education and those left unemployable by the state education system.

“When the other candidates’ main focuses were protesting, the far right and cuts, I was proud to be standing up for the education of 7 million students in this country.”

“I hope me going to NUS Conference will raise awareness of the NUS’s lack of focus on education. It will be a major success if we start seeing NUS champion improved education for all.”

“Education is dramatically declining in this country yet none of the Westminster elite or the NUS seem to care.”

“We had 113 motions & amendments put forward to NUS Conference but saw only 7 about quality and delivery of education. Some ranging from immigration to banking and even polar bears. It is turning into its own political party rather than a vehicle for improving education for students.”