Free speech prevails at Derby University

Kirk Kus, YI Derbyshire Chairman, “Having fought the recent ban on UKIP at Derby University where I study I am delighted that they have now overturned it, allowing UKIP to take part in political events at the University. It has been a long time coming as in November 2012 UKIP’s police and crime commissioner candidate was not allowed to speak at University because UKIP was listed on the no platform list. I am glad that the UDSU has made the decision of removing UKIP from the no platform list and I cannot wait to get involved in future UKIP campaigns at the University.”

“It’s about time. All people in our society should be allowed to hear the views of UKIP. We’re not an extremist party. We’re a mainstream party and people ought to hear what we’ve got to say as it is resonating with people in all parts of the country. The establishment is running scared of the growth and impact of UKIP and has resorted to banning us rather than debating with us.”

Joe Jenkins, YI Education Officer “After the recent events at the University of Derby I am pleased to announce that we will be aiming to establish a society there during freshers fayre later in the year. We believe it is essential that freespeech is maintained on university campuses across the country.”