“UKIP voters can’t send emails”, really?

“On the Andrew Marr Show, Labour Shadow Cabinet Minister Chuka Umunna said “UKIP voters feel disconnected because they can’t send emails”. People often ask why apathy is fast growing in UK elections, perhaps it is often to do with politicians behaving like this?

youknowwhatTo help Chuka we have decided to launch a campaign, #EmailChuka. We are asking all YI members, UKIP members, UKIP supporters and UKIP voters to email Chuka to help him understand why people vote UKIP. You can email him on chuka.umunna.mp@parliament.uk and I’m sure his members of staff (he won’t answer his own emails, we’re sure) will be looking forward to your responses…

With the Guardian reporting in the run up to the EU elections that “UKIP shows other parties how Facebook engagement is done”, we here at Young Independence are happy to teach Chuka and his friends at Labour HQ how online engagement is done and truly how big the party of cranks and gadflies is in British politics today.”

– YI Communications Officer, Ben Walker.