YI to introduce County Chairpersons

As membership continues to soar in YI (link to 2.5k story) we are looking at ways to engage more of our members and become a grassroots movement. We have decided to introduce County Chairpersons to compliment the current Regional Chairpersons and YI Council.

YI Grassroots Officer, Edward Sumner said “young people are starting to realise that UKIP is the party for them. Membership is going up while more and more people become active in YI. Rolling out YI County Chairman will allow grassroots members to get involved locally, across the UK. If you have the drive to grow YI, then why not volunteer as a YI County Chairman?”

To get involved, you can find your regional chairpersons here and contact them directly or, if none have been appointed yet, email yi.chairman@ukip.org and your inquiry will be passed on and dealt with.

As this is a new initiative, the County Chairpersons are being appointed this year by the YI Regional Chairpersons. They – like the rest of the YI Council – will be elected at the next set of YI Elections in the early months of 2015.