Derbyshire teacher compares UKIP to ‘the Nazis before the Holocaust’

Today it was reported that an English teacher at a Derbyshire school compared UKIP to ‘the Nazis before the Holocaust’ during a lesson. It would seem that the teacher was not aware that the father of one of her pupils is a member of the party. Having hastily apologised, perhaps she will think more carefully before making such comments.

This is not the first time that anti-UKIP bias has been demonstrated in education. In April the students’ union at the University of Derby was forced to overturn a policy that prevented UKIP representatives from speaking at its events.

Whilst every individual is entitled to his or her own opinion, for a teacher in a state school to make such a comparison with a major political party – which has just won a national election – could be considered indoctrination. Given that indoctrination was an important part of Nazi Germany makes the comments by this teacher somewhat ironic.

– Joshua Jones, YI East Midlands regional chairman.