YI to introduce new Deputy Communications Officer position

Young Independence have decided to add a new member to our team, a YI Deputy Communications Officer. The role of social media and websites plays a growing role in politics and to recognise this we felt it was important to have a team working on building our online profile rather than just one person. It will be a position separate to the YI National Council, operating under the YI Communications Officer. The person shall be appointed by the Council in the first meeting after the elections.

The YI Website has has been fantastic since Ben Walker was elected as YI Communications Officer at the end of February. There are still many more things we plan to add to it in the coming few months, but we have come so far. We have just just broken 3,000 likes on Facebook this week, a new milestone in raising YI’s profile. We shall be launching our own YouTube, Instagram and Google+ pages in the coming weeks.

YI Chairman, Jack Duffin said “Ben has single handedly built YI a brilliant website that is a crucial platform for us to engage with members. I look forward to welcoming OC onto the team so we can split the workload and see the pair work together to deliver the exceptional growth to social media as we have seen on the website.”

For YI’ers: if you have pictures, stories or videos that you would like to input to the YI Website or Social Media then please email Ben and Oliver. The building of YI as a powerful force within UKIP is a team effort. Every YI’er helps.