YI Members mobilise for Northumberland by-election

ukip-alnwickYI members held an action day this weekend to support the Alnwick branch campaign for an upcoming by-election. Our candidate, Alnwick branch chairman Michael Weatheritt is contesting the Longhoughton Ward on Northumberland County Council. It was the usual sort of day with UKIP, good friends going around the Alnwick area, handing out leaflets and getting a strong reception from the community. We stopped in a pub for lunch (to be expected) and once we had filled up we headed out once more to take our message to the public.

Out on the trail we bumped into the Conservative candidate John Hope and his friend. To all his credit Michael was very polite even though John frankly being quite rude, with both him and his colleague giving us the ‘I’m better than you’ look, summarised perfectly by what happened next. Mr. Hope told our candidate that he should stand as a Tory rather than stand for UKIP! I mean can you honestly believe the cheek? Not only did he show no class but he embarrassed his own party who were clearly afraid UKIP would beat them. At this point Mr. Hope pointed at a very expensive looking Mercedes and said (I kid you not) ‘You should be in the Tories as we all drive Mercedes’. Really a party that can listen to the common people…apparently he’s fairly well off too…

I sincerely hope that the voters of Alnwick see this and can make their own mind up. These people did not seem to care a great deal about other people unlike your UKIP team who travelled from all over the North East to campaign, including one all the way from Carlisle. UKIP and YI are the party for the people, not many of us can drive a Mercedes but we will certainly pile into a minibus early in the morning to show you that you have a better choice.

The Loughoughton by-election takes place on July 24th.