Introducing UKIP Students!

Joe Jenkins YI Conf

UKIP Students – The Start of a long journey, the start of something big.
This weekend I had the immense pleasure of announcing the formation of UKIP Students. A group that would work alongside Young Independence to attract students to UKIP and push our message of free speech and free thinking for students across campuses in the United Kingdom.
The decision to introduce UKIP Students was taken upon UKIP’s opposition by the National Union of Students at their last national conference. This decision showed the organisations indifference to democracy and freedom of speech, so UKIP now say to the NUS we oppose your repressive message on campuses.
UKIP Students is here to make sure that every student is free to have a voice, free from prejudice on campuses and we shall work tirelessly to ensure that members of UKIP at university have a safe open and enjoyable experience.
UKIP Students will work on a committee basis with the YI national council position of Education Officer being changed to UKIP Students Chairman, however the chairman shall still sit on the YI National Council with full voting rights. There will be a committee of three other positions, a University Officer, a Schools Officer and a Students Secretary. The three roles will be elected every year in December by UKIP Society Chairman at any educational institution where there are 10 or more UKIP members.

What do the Roles entail?
The Universities Officer shall work with University Societies and aspiring societies to assist with any difficulties dealing with the student unions and universities. They shall also plan with each regional chairman where to target for new university societies, based on where we already have members attending. The University Officer will be contacting universities around the country to try to arrange organised debates and get YI/UKIP members into the universities to speak and engage with students.
The Schools Officer shall be in charge of getting speakers into schools/colleges to engage with students. As well as assisting students in their transition to University to help them keep in contact and active with local UKIP and YI Branches.
The UKIP Students Secretary will be responsible for keeping an up to date list of all members that are at university and in school as well as a comprehensive list of UKIP Student Societies and members.

What are our plans?
We are aiming to have 25 university societies by Freshers 2015 which will give us a brilliant basis to continue to grow.
UKIP students is a very exciting time in our youth movement and look forward to being at the helm over the coming year to help make it grow. I look forward to you all joining me on this journey, and who knows what it can achieve.
Joseph Jenkins – UKIP Students Chairman

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