YI Announces Target Seats For 2015

JukesYI Elections Officer Dan Jukes has announced our target seats for next year.

“Young Independence will have two National Target Seats for the General Election in 2015. These will be Councillor Chris Wood in Gosport and Tim Aker MEP in Thurrock. UKIP stands an excellent chance of winning them and with resources and support from YI, we can get UKIP MPs elected in both areas in just 10 month’s time.

With plenty of YI Action Days in every regional planned in the coming months as well as supporting these target seats, plus the YI Big Weekend, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved off the back of our biggest ever conference.

Our next date is Saturday August 30th, with activists planning on coming down to Thurrock from far and wide to campaign for Tim Aker MEP. Will you be there?”

Council Target Seats

If you’re standing for council this year and you want to be considered for extra YI Support and become a YI Council Target Seat in your region please email dan.jukes@ukip.org for more information and to apply. Applications will close at the end of October.