YI North West appoints County Chairs

Young Independence in the North West is pleased to announce it has finished appointing all County Chairs for the region.

Only this year will County Chairs be appointed. Next year shall see every County Chair position across all regions of the United Kingdom be up for election and chosen by local YI’ers.

Regional Chair Dayle Taylor and his team will be looking at where UKIP is at its strongest across the North West and where it needs improvement.

North West membership has surged since the start of the year, coinciding with UKIP’s breakthrough in the Greater Manchester area in the local elections, scoring wins in Oldham and Bolton, alongside entry onto Hyndburn Council as well as gaining two extra MEPs to represent the region from the European elections. Now that the region has coordinated and devolved control to County Chairpersons, the efficiency in making YI a more professional and active force within UKIP and the North West has improved considerably.

Chairman Dayle Taylor has said “This is a very exciting time for UKIP and indeed, Young Independence.”

“Now I have established a team of dedicated people to help me, I am sure that with continued hard work and commitment, we can work towards possibly doubling YI membership in the North West by YI national conference next August.”

The following persons have been selected as County Chairs across the region:

Greater Manchester: Darren Meacher
Merseyside: Chloe Prior
Cumbria:Elizabeth Robbins
Lancashire: Liam Clark
Cheshire: Luke Thompson