The Clacton Experience


During the Clacton by-election campaign I visited this beautiful sunny seaside constituency half a dozen times, each time I was mesmerised by the incredible support for UKIP the personal support for Douglas Carswell. The locals don’t see him as a “career politician” they see him as a close friend who genuinely has their best interests at heart, not his own CV & political career like the majority of his Westminster counterparts. The sense of sheer disillusionment with the current, incompetent generation of career politicians that we unfortunately have in Westminster was absolutely remarkable.

The main issues that I encountered on the doorsteps were the lack of GP’s and the lack of opportunity career wise. What I found most inspirational was that when the locals gazed at the iconic purple rosette pinned on my attire, their eyes lit up and their faces swelled up with hope, positivity and optimism. This fuelled my conviction to attend further Clacton action days.


The sky is the limit for the UK Independence Party. We will win many seats next May I am absolutely certain of that. I have an ultimate vision of a country free from foreign rule, where we can actually decide who arrives to and who we can deport from our country. I will work as hard as I can, in order to make this vision a reality. I would like to thank all those involved with YI for allowing me to play my part in our extraordinary success this year and possibly what could go on to become a British political revolution. I can’t put into words how excited I am for the adventure that awaits us and how proud I am of all of you.

See you in Rochester & Strood.

Kind regards,
Anish Patel