YI Members Attend UpRising Event in Manchester

Last week, Dayle Taylor and I were invited to attend an UpRising event in Manchester, to speak to young people about why we joined UKIP and to educate them on UKIP policy. Uprising is a youth leadership development organisation, and the focus of the day was to teach young people aged 16-19 about the British political system and the five main political parties.

Throughout the day, Dayle and I were given the opportunity to speak to the students about UKIP policy and to engage them in politics and the issues which concerned them. Many of the students were concerned about issues such as immigration and education, and were interested to hear UKIP policy on both topics. We were able to fairly put across UKIP policy to the students, who showed a positive attitude towards learning about a wide range of UKIP policy on the NHS, education and immigration. 

Dayle commented “It was great to see so many young people like myself, engaging in politics and raising issues such as immigration. Laura and I were able to put
across UKIP policy, which isn’t always done in the media and by the other political parties.”

Dayle and I thought the event was a huge success as UKIP had a fair representation at the event, which also had young members from Labour, the
Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens in attendance.


Laura Howard