Function teams have been introduced to make the YI Executive Council more grassroots-based, more efficient and more open. Any YI member can apply for any position on any function team to use their skills to help YI and grow our party.

If you’re interested in standing, the only requirements are that you are a member of UKIP who is 31 years of age or younger.

Please click on the tab of the Function Team you’re interested in to see which roles are available, then apply using the form at the bottom.

You may take up more than one position on a single or even multiple Function Teams, though this will be considerably more time-consuming.

Please note that this page is being updated regularly and therefore new roles will likely be added soon. Keep checking if there’s not currently a role that interests you!

If you have any questions about any role, please feel free to contact Christopher Marshall, the YI Media Officer, at

Web Engineers

To assist with the running of the various web aspects of Young Independence:

Web Engineers would work closely with the YI media team to run the YI website. No skills of any kind are required for this role, as various roles within this team are available depending on your skillset and exactly what type of role you would like including programming, testing and designing.

Press Officers

To assist the YI Media Officer in providing regular press releases on the Young Independence website:

Press Officers would work closely with the YI Media team to establish regular communication on the website, and keep writing on current affairs. They would primarily be responsible for keeping fresh, updated press releases on the website and a steady communication flow through YI channels. Press Officers would also be keeping in touch regularly with the YI membership and also post any press releases received by YI members.

Social Media Operatives

To assist the YI Media Officer in running the official YI Social Media channels:

Social Media Operatives would work closely with the YI Media team in order to maintain a steady flow of content and communication running through all YI Social Media channels at all times. This includes both Regional and National pages; where a Regional page is failing or inactive without a steady flow of content, or indeed does not exist, Social Media Operatives would be tasked with temporarily taking control over these pages and ensuring they are revived with a steady flow of content to maintain user engagement and keep constant activity. Social Media Operatives would also be responsible in assisting to moderate comments and other forms of user activity within YI Social Media and ensuring all content is PG rated.

Graphics Designers

To assist the YI Media team in keeping up-to-date with any graphics required:

Graphics Designers would work closely with the Digital Media team in order to provide assistance with graphics for ongoing campaigns, systems or other needed imagery for posters and/or videos. They would also be tasked with keeping the YI brand fresh and exciting for both current members and prospective ones. Further, graphics designers would be available upon demand for those YI members who would like assistance in developing their own graphics or other images.

Video Media Specialists

To assist the Digital Media team in creating and editing any video content required:

Working cloesly with the Digital Media team, Video Media Specialists would be responsible for assisting to create and edit press release videos and other forms of videos released to the public or for social media as well as any ongoing campaigns. They would also be available on-demand for YI members who wish to seek assistance and support in developing or editing their own videos.

Digital Media Coordinator

To work closely with all media personnel and concentrate with organisation:

The Digital Media Coordinator would work closely with all media personnel and assist with the organisation and communication between various team members. The Digital Media Coordinator would also work closely with the YI Media Officer in order to provide direction and strategy for the Media function team and assist in any roles which require attention.


Application Form

If you have any questions about any role, please feel free to contact Abigail Eatock, the YI National Coordinator at

Outreach Officer

To help bring UKIP & YI to colleges and schools:

Works with Regional Chairmen to organise UKIP & YI speakers at schools and colleges across the country, and to ensure YI members in schools and colleges are given support promoting the party to the students of that institution.

Communications Officer

To ensure there is a flow of communication between local YI branches, counties and regions and the YI National Coordinator:

Works with the National Coordinator to build strong relationships for YI with UKIP branches and Regions across the country and to ensure there is consistent communication between the YI National Coordinator and grassroots UKIP members.

General Organiser

To help organise meetings and socials with local YI representatives:

Works with the YI National Coordinator and YI Events Officer to arrange meetings between local YI representatives where applicable, e.g. county meetings of YI branch representatives.


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