The Russell Group Revolution

Over the last few months we have seen a marked increase in University societies, not least among the Russell Group Universities which now account for around half of the current UKIP Students Societies.

This is a huge step forward in the UKIP Students movement and shows that the party really does resonate with all sections of society. We are the party of strong common-sense politics and it just goes to show, if you give a coherent message which is not all bluster and rhetoric, people will listen.

We look forward to all the Russell Group Universities having a democratic UKIP voice on campus.

A list follows of our Russell Group University Societies. If you attend one of these and are interested in getting involved with UKIP, contact your society via the attached email address:

University of Manchester –
University of York –
Durham University –
University of Bath –
University of Exeter –
Bristol University –
University of Liverpool –
Newcastle University –
Queens Belfast –
University of St Andrews –
University of Oxford –