About UKIP Students

UKIP Students is here to make sure that every student is free to have a voice, free from prejudice on campus and it aims to work tirelessly to ensure that members of UKIP at universities across the land have a safe, open and enjoyable experience.

UKIP Students aims to reach out to the student population, delivering our message on campuses across Britain through setting up University Societies.

This is extremely important to Young Independence and to UKIP, University Societies allow like-minded students to come together in camaraderie and share their like-minded views on our nation.

How To Set Up A University Society

Below is a complete guide on: how to set up a UKIP Society at your university.

Please download a copy here and feel free to get in contact with me for help, support or guidance.

Download Here

University Society Interactive Map

UKIP Students Map

Click on the green markers to see details of University Association

York University Society

Contact Abigail Eatock


University of Kent

Contact Joe Simons


Essex University Society

Contact Jake Painter


University of Exeter

Contact Sebastian Cheek


UKIP Students Chairman

Joe Simons is the National Chairman for UKIP Students, tasked with organising and fostering the growth of UKIP in universities across Britain.

If you are a member of Young Independence at University, where there is no existing UKIP Students society, please contact him with regards to setting one up.

“It is a pleasure and privilege to be elected as UKIP Students chairman. The task now is to go forward and make UKIP an energetic and forceful force on student campuses!”


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