YI National and County Elections Results

Polls in the YI National elections for the roles of Deputy Chairman, Media Manager and Events Manager, as well as the four County Chairman elections.

Congratulations to Jamie Ross McKenzie who has been duly elected YI Deputy Chairman. Commenting on his win, Jamie had this to say, “First off, I’d like to thank my opponent for a clean campaign and for all his hard work over the last 18 months. He’s certainly helped bring YI to the level of organisation it is today.RecorderJRMcKenzie1

I’d like to thank YI members for putting their trust in me. I’m looking forward to helping Chairman Joe Jenkins and the rest of the council take YI to the next level. The immediate future is an important time for us as a youth-wing. We will not only be fighting regional assembly and local elections, but we will also be fighting for our very raison d’etre; our nation’s withdrawal from the European Union. As a youth group we are at a somewhat disadvantage, with so many educational and media establishments displaying their support for the EU project. We therefore must box clever and realise that elections and referendums are not just fought at the ballot box and on the doorsteps, but in a range of grassroots interactions and groups. I’m looking forward to helping deliver a YI which can do just that and take our message to more young people than ever before.”

Jamie will be joined on the council by Kieran Warren, who has been elected YI Media Manager. “I’d first like to thank all those who voted for me. I will try my hardest to keep to my pledges to make YI an even better youth wing than it already is. I promise to keep our national social media pages professional and active. I will also work with our members of the council to get a YI shop and smartphone app approved. I want to thank the Returning Officer and everyone that helped these elections go smoothly. Finally I’d like to thank my opponent William Bates who put up a solid campaign and was always well-mannered and professional during the campaign.”

Finally, Matt MacKinnon will take on the role of Events Manager. Upon his win, Matt had this to say, “I am very pleased to have been elected events officer by those Young Independence members who voted in the elections over the past few days. Over the next twelve months I will work hard to deliver the pledges made in my manifesto. Thank you to all of those who supported me and I look forward to working with all of the talented individuals that make up Young Independence.”


We also had for County level elections, and we are please to announce that Nathan Somerville has been elected in the Lothians, Liam Clark in Lancashire, Jack Smith in Norfolk and David McClure in Cheshire.

Congratulations to all the candidates who stood and contributed to a great round of YI Elections. We have had our highest turnout ever in a national election and our first ever county elections, certainly all who participated should be proud.