Dear NEC Members,

Firstly, we do not see it as a coincidence that an email was sent to the greater part of the membership of UKIP regarding YI after the YI Council had decided unanimously to call an EGM to discuss the matter of constitutional reform.

We also raise the following questions:

Are members of the NEC permitted to disseminate direct communications to the membership that include clear falsehoods – that is, that the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Young Independence are on Steven Woolfe’s payroll, which they categorically are not.

Is this not a breach of security if members of the NEC are accessing and using UKIP’s confidential membership database to send messages of this nature?

Equally the party’s constitution does not state that a leadership candidacy applicant must submit by a certain time, but rather, the NEC may choose to debar a candidate who did not meet the submission deadline. It was well within the NECs purview to accept the evidence presented before them that Steven Woolfe used to justify missing the deadline by 17 minutes for technical reasons. For three members of the NEC to now try to exonerate themselves from the culpability of their own decision making when they are elected by the membership to represent their interests of the membership, and to then abuse the party database to propagate untruths out of motivation of self interest, is surely wrong.


Jamie Ross McKenzie
Young Independence National Chairman